Lovey Sessions

What Should I Wear or Bring?
1.  Your child
2.  Their Lovey

The rest is completely up to you!  Because the signature shot is fairly close up, the focus will be on the relationship of the child with their Buddy, and the outfit is secondary:)

Portrait Session
Your personalized Lovey Sessions will take approximately 1 hour.  Rest assured my personality and style are relatively informal, so it will be as relaxed as possible – nothing will be rushed.  I will set up the portable studio in your home, and then spend some time getting to know the stars of the show. After the signature shots are obtained, the remainder of our time will be spent capturing the life of your little person and sidekick “in their natural habitat”; sitting, playing, singing, and in general providing documentation and context of the little things between the two of them that may otherwise go unnoticed.

One to two weeks after the session, I will return to your home to review the prints in person.  The signature Lovey Shot will be determined by me, but you will have the opportunity to view many of the images available from our day.  After our initial review is complete, images will be available for friends and family to view online in a password protected gallery.  A small sampling will also be posted online on the LoveALovey Blog or Facebook page.