About Love A Lovey

Ted came into my life as a gift when I was an infant.  Thirty plus years later he is close by in a keepsake box; but always near to me in heart.  To many people it is just an object; psychoanalysis calls it a “Transitional Object”.  For some of us, though, these loveys are as real as the comfort they provide.    My son holds Nemo and Blankie very dear, and my daughter can’t be found far from Buddy (a bear/blanket).  Any time they cannot be found, I feel the panic just as intensely as they do, because I’ve experienced it firsthand.

I know the bond, I know the love, and I know how no feeling for an object can come close or be a replacement.  Loveys are constant companions, through happy and sad, good and bad, until the day comes when they will be hung up, only a reminder of childhood and life during a more simple time.

My favorite photos of my children are with their Loveys.  I love those photos not just because it captures them at a time when they are young, adorable, and they need me.   I love those photos because in my heart I know I needed Ted, and in that photo, the memory lives on forever.  I want to capture and preserve that same treasured memory for you and your family.