And the Winners Are….| Chicago Children’s Photographer

Howdy ya’ll!

Words cannot begin to describe how full of love and hope and happiness I am right now.  Thank you all for contributing to the successful launch of Love A Lovey!  Be it in person, or encouraging words from a far – you all played a part.  Thank you for the rainbows / unicorns / and sunshine you brought to my life yesterday!  I officially deem it A SUCCESS!

So, onto the winners!

Winner of a Build A Bear Gift certificate for guessing the amount of Loveys in a giant bag – is Caden E.!  There were 49 loveys in the bag, and Caden was the closest without going over (Price is Right Rules!).  Really though, all the guesses were pretty darn close!  Except for Kai (1,000,000) and Lola (10):)But all in good fun!

LAL Contest Guess









The Build-A-Bear winner here at the ol’ blog is Keren S. from Michigan!  Hope your kiddos love making a new lovey:)

LAL Contest










Last but certainly not least, the winner of a personalized Lovey session from all the amazing supporters who showed up yesterday, is Adrian R.!  Adrian’s card was chosen by my husband while he was watching Michigan play horribly against UCONN.  Adrian, I will be contacting you shortly for details!

Again, thank you all for the amazing outpouring of encouragement and support!  I am planning on creating great things with this business – I hope you all enjoy the ride!!


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