Sibling Lovey Love | Chicago Children’s Specialty Photographer

Big L and little l each have a lovey.  Or I should say, a couple of loveys.  Big L has Blankie (of which we rotate three different ones to maintain some kind of handle on the ick factor), Nemo, and most recently, Little Puppy.  The third spot gets rotated frequently, depending on his mood.  Little l has a blankie, and three Buddies (Fuzzy Buddy and Two Regular Buddies.  You see, we tried the rotation gig with her as well….but she discovered us and decided the Jig was up, and that she needed all three Buddies all the time).

They run around often, arms full of love, similar to the photo shown here.  I will be the first to admit it is a little bit ridiculous.  But who am I to put a cap on how many things they can love?

Yes, they fight and occasionally tattle.  But all in all, they play well together. They play especially well when loveys are involved:) It is a thing of magic when I hear them from another room: laying out Buddy’s latest adventure, Blankie providing shelter from the storm or hot lava (depending on the weather), or someone comforting Little Puppy’s stubbed toe.  The biggest reward though, is when they entrust their lovey to each other….if even for a moment.  Trusting their sibling to care for their heart outside of their body is an act of complete trust, and pure love.

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